Back from Washington

So from 7/28/11 to 8/5/11, I was in Washington State. We went there by airplane since it was only three people, if there was more, we could’ve went by car. The party consist of me, dad, and my mom. My sister and brother was too busy to go. Although I wrote most of my days in a journal since I couldn’t log in to Tumblr from the laptop (forgot the password :P), I’ll summarize it.

It was a nice trip there, I had an almost good time. The only thing I was disappointed in was that I couldn’t go to Duy’s (Dewey as his English name) house and play an intense (yes, intense) game of Wii sport. Before I start, there’s actually another thing I was disappointed in, and that was my cousin (Duy). He’s been polluted with the mainstream media and it makes me sad that he doesn’t take interest in songs that actually mean something. But hey, just my opinion. I just don’t take the interest that every single music now needs a music video which is incredibly stupid and a waste of money, especially how most of them shows too much. If the music video shows a beautiful story, I’m cool with that, but music videos that just shows a dude/dudette lip synching and having naked people around them are just plain stupid.

Onto summarizing!

I wanted bun bo hue (a delicious Vietnamese cuisine) on the first day on Washington and for the whole little vacation here, my parent was the one that was making food (all noodles). Ate and went to sleep was all for the first day. Second day, all we did was literally hang out around the house all day. Third was the wedding for the uncle (the youngest of the brothers of my dad’s). To tell you the truth, the wedding the freaking boring as hell. And with much love to my uncle (because he’s the one that I can relate to), I almost fell asleep. Maybe I have to blame the priest for it, the part where he talked, he put me in a trance until he finished saying the story that nobody could hear. If people could hear, he was talking in a monotone so no matter how funny the story was (which it was suppose to be since my dad heard his story), you just couldn’t get the humor of it. I had to give my uncle and his bride props, because the whole wedding, they had to either stand or kneel (what is this chair you speak of?).

From all the week on, we had fun. Lol. Then it was time to leave. The end. :L

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